Rotary 3150 on a mission to help poor farmers

Mission Naagali

Rotarians of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad under ‘Rotary District 3150’ have embarked on a very novel initiative, an initiative that is never heard before and the initiative which is need of the hour under prevailing circumstances called “Mission Naagali”. It is an initiative to help poor, small and marginal farmers to plough his/her fields with tractors free of cost. It is an initiative aimed to support underprivileged farmers. 

The fields are ploughed in the initials spells of the rain. But, it was noticed by the initiators of the project that many farmers didn’t begin their agriculture works due to non-availability of the funds. Added to that due to the prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic, some of them found difficult to raise money through borrowing.  

Few villages such as Chintakunta Village in Dharur Mandal of Vikarabad District was chosen by the Rotarians for this project. They started with the target of mechanized ploughing of 125 acres benefiting almost around 70 to 80 farmers (whose land parcels are less than 2 Acres). The project was executed at a cost of Rs three lakh. The project kicked off on June 9th, 2020 and ended today. They have completed tilling and ploughing of 125 Acres of Land at ZERO COST to the farmers, a unique record indeed. 

Farmers at work

And they don’t want to rest there. They have taken it as a very prestigious project as it has given them a great sense of satisfaction says V. Ramraj. Rotary District Governor of Rotary District 3150 for the year 2020-21 Rtn. Hanmanth Reddy is personally monitoring ‘Mission Naagali’. He is advising all clubs under his leadership to come forward and target for at least 1,000 Acres by next year.

We are even exploring if we could arrange farm implements for free use, shared Ramraj.

 “This is the crucial season to farmers as well as the people.  It is crucial to sustain and enhance the livelihood of the farming community. It is they who continue to serve the food and nourishment needs of millions of people of this country.  Their productivity is all the more important now under these  challenging circumstances due to Covid-19 outbreak,” Ramraj observed.

A brainchild of Rotarian, V. Ramraj, a resident of Hyderabad, was done in collaboration with Anitha Reddy, Member of Rotary Club of Smart Hyderabad and two more clubs, Rotary Club of Chandanagar and Rotary Club of Greater Hyderabad.

Rotarian V Ramraj, a Hyderabad based industrialist during his recent visit to Chintakunta Village, Dharur Mandal, Vikarabad District found many lands were not ploughed and on enquiry out of curiosity came to know the plight of the poor and marginal farmers.   

On return to the city, Ramraj shared the idea with friends on Facebook. He has got an overwhelming response for his Facebook post. He coined the initiative as ‘MISSION NAAGALI’. Many volunteered to join hands. Seeing the overwhelming response, Ramraj with the help of like-minded friends jumped into the initiative. 

Looking at ‘Mission Naagali’ in social media Rotarian Anitha Reddy, Member of Rotary Club of Smart Hyderabad joined Ramraj’s mission and gave it a systematic turn. She too started pooling funds for this. 2 more clubs Rotary Club of Chandanagar and Rotary Club of Greater Hyderabad too came forward to be a part of this mission.

‘Mission Naagali’ doesn’t stop here. We even want to help farmers with mechanized seeding to the maximum extent possible. The above mentioned clubs are also arranging suitable organic fertilizers and vermi composting pits. They are also roping in few agricultural scientists and organic fertilizer manufacturing companies to guide the farmers towards quality and quantitative yielding. Five common motorized Tube wells are also proposed at the optimized places which increase the productivity and quality yields.  

The Clubs wanted to have a close observation and take need base activities for the benefit of farmers. V.Ramraj wanted to make ‘Mission Naagali’ as a model to the society. He wanted this format of helping farmers to spread in other locations of the Country. If someone wants to join hands with the Rotarians in this project, they can reach them on the below mentioned contact details.

Contact Details

Rtn V.Ramraj (Project Initiator) – 9440407852
Rtn. Anitha Reddy (Project Coordinator) – 9502326264