Police complaint filed against Anasuya Bharadwaj


A police complaint was filed against popular actor-TV host Anasuya Bharadwaj after she allegedly broke the phone of a fan who wanted a selfie. According to reports, the complaint was filed by a woman at the Tarnaka police station, claiming that Anasuya broke their phone.

On Tuesday when Anasuya stepped out of her mother’s residence in Tarnaka, she was approached by the boy for a selfie. “Anasuya had gone to Tarnaka area on some work and a kid who happened to spot her on the road, approached her to take a selfie with her. Anasuya, who doesn’t like this sort of thing, grabbed the mobile phone from the kid’s hand and flung it down, damaging it in the process,” said the police complaint according to media reports.

The actor took to Twitter and posted, “Not that the country needs such news.. But… to those whom I am answerable to… #facts I am sorry his phone broke but I think it’s not fair that I should be blamed for what I reportedly didn’t, we need our privacy.” However, she was trolled after her tweet following which she deactivated her social media accounts.

“Yes, we have received a complaint regarding this today. We are looking at the evidence and enquiring into this matter. From what we know, Anasuya had refused to take a selfie and while she was hurriedly leaving, the boy’s phone broke,” G Jagan, SHO Osmania University Police Station, told media.