KCR’s Credibility in Doldrums?

Telangana’s Chief Minister ‘K Chandrashekar Rao’ is a man of big words. And he mostly backs them up too. However, there are times when his words are completely overruled by his actions. Of late, he has been criticised of letting this happen too often, building a mistrust among the public. This is in stark contrast to the days when the public used to be excited and awaited in eagerness to listen to the Telangana supremo who had a way with words with his trademark tongue in cheek humour at play.

Recently during the GHMC elections, ‘KCR’ vowed to take the fight to the centre on multiple issues. He even claimed he would take part and possibly lead the burning Farmer’s agitation on the Farm Bills at Delhi. He not only criticised the ‘Farm Bills’ severely, but also cited them as damaging to the interests of farmers and that only Corporate Companies shall benefit out of them. The TRS party had also voted against the legislation in the Parliament and had supported the Bharath Bandh against the Farm Bill.

However, just a few days later post the GHMC election results, KCR travelled to Delhi to meet the Top Broncho of the Centre, including Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ and Home Minister ‘Amit Shah’ and got additional loan green lit by them. Whether it was a case of retreat or softening up, he completely changed his stance on the ‘Farm Bills’. He argued that the days of State Government purchasing the agricultural produce were over as the Farm Bill was being implemented across the country which allowed the crop to be sold anywhere.

“The government cannot do it anymore. It is not a business organisation or trader. It is not a rice miller or a dal miller. Sale and purchase are not the responsibility of the government. It is not possible to set up a purchase centre in the village from next year onwards,” read an official statement from the chief minister’s office.

The CM’s office also said that they incurred a loss to the tune of Rs. 7,500 Crores due to setting up Purchase Centres and purchasing of various crops in a bid to help the farmers during the Covid Pandemic. 

Looking these developments, analysts say that the Chief Minister has given in to the Powers at the Centre. Even the public who stood by him during the last two terms are finding it difficult to believe his stance. Any statement made by KCR is now to be taken with a pinch of salt they feel. Any further criticism on the Centre or any talk about a ‘Third Front’ by KCR is just hogwash and not to be taken seriously is what many opine.

All this hide and seek with BJP might just shut the doors for the TRS party to other regional parties who are fighting against the Centre and Farm Bill. For a Leader who travelled all the way to Delhi and had fought against the Farm Bill, it was surprising that neither did he find time to meet the farmers agitating in the Capital and express his solidarity nor gave a press statement despite his fluency in Hindi. Given these developments, it would be interesting to see if KCR decides to be a part of NDA in the near future if he deems necessary.