Congress doesn’t want to forgive PM Modi

Modi with Manmohan Singh

Much awaited Gujarat Assembly election 2017 results are out. The bruising Bharatiya Janata Party vs Congress battle has ended with the victory of the former. The latter, however, looks to be in no mood to forgive Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his ‘Pakistan’ remark, a remark directed at his predecessor Manmohan Singh.

Congress Party, which saw its seat tally in Gujarat go up by 16, raked up the matter once again in both houses of Parliament. “Dr. Manmohan Singh ji’s integrity and loyalty to the country has been questioned. PM should come in the house and make it clear,” Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said in Rajya Sabha as they demanded that PM Modi apologise for his Pakistan remark on Man Mohan Singh.

On the campaign trail in Gujarat, PM Modi essentially alleged that senior Congress leaders, including ex-PM Singh and Mani Shankar Ayiar (now suspended from the party), had colluded with Pakistani officials and diplomat. The collusion, PM Modi had indicated at a December 10 rally, was over the then ongoing Gujarat assembly election.

The Congress took offense to the allegations raised by the prime minister and came out hitting hard. Manmohan Singh, himself, refuted the claims made by PM Modi in Gujarat in an unusually aggressive statement. “I am deeply pained and anguished by the falsehood and canards being spread to score political points in a lost cause,” Singh said, first in a written statement and then on video.

“Fearing imminent defeat in Gujarat, desperation of Prime Minister to hurl every abuse and latch on to every straw is palpable,” Singh went on to say as he questioned why PM Modi had visited Pakistan “uninvited” after the terrorist attacks in Udhampur and Gurdaspur.

“Let him also tell the country the reason for inviting the infamous ISI of Pakistan to our strategic Air Base in Pathankot to investigate a terror attack that emanated from Pakistan,” Singh said. “My track record of public service to the country over last five decades is known to everyone. No one, including Modi, can lamely question it to gain lost political ground.

“I sincerely hope that Prime Minister will show the maturity and gravitas expected of the high office he holds instead of concentrating his energy solely on erroneously conceived brownie points,” Singh said, ending his statement with: “I sincerely hope that he will apologize to the Nation for his ill thought transgression to restore the dignity of the office he occupies.”