Confidence building measures needed to overcome fear pandemic

Chandrababu Naidu

AMARAVATI: Fearing non-availability of vaccine in near future, TDP National President and former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday underscored the need for greater preventive measures, social digitalisation and Yoga to avoid grave danger from increased Coronavirus threat in the country. Mr. Naidu called for effective use of technology and virtual office platforms for ‘minimising physical interaction’ to stay safe. India especially needs to be on high alert as the country climbed to third place next only to the US and Brazil, having reported a total 13.30 lakh positive cases till now.

Mr. ‘Chandrababu Naidu’ held an three and half hour online interaction on Zoom with the ‘frontline warriors’ including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff who are risking their lives while battling the lethal Covid-19 pandemic. Their field level experiences were being used to identify best practices to extend better services to the patients and counsel their families.

Mr. Naidu said the valuable recommendations from these interactions were being included in the reports being sent by the ‘Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation’ (GFST) to the Government of India every Sunday. These suggestions were being implemented as they are at the national level. New suggestions would be sent to the government to take remedial steps in the interests of the people’s safety and security.

Chandrababu Zoom Conference with Frontline Warriors

The TDP chief stressed the need for carrying out ‘weekly Covid audits’ at the level of families, organisations and countries. This would help in understanding the nature of virus spread in order to plan better and to minimise the damage. Systematic efforts must be made to follow best practices and dos and don’ts.

Mr. Chandrababu Naidu termed it as individual responsibility of everyone to sanitise their houses, common areas and offices properly. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) should be streamlined in dealing with testing, ambulance services and ‘proper quarantining’ and ‘isolation’ of patients. It was painful to see many people panicky to know whether test reports were true or false. In respect of dead bodies, JCBs were being used which was spreading fear. Relatives were afraid to come anywhere near.

SOPs and preventive measures should be taken to avoid such confusion and tell people that there would be no danger during performance of funeral rites. Mr. Naidu said ‘Yoga’ and ‘respiratory health’ were crucial for both infected and normal people to stay safe. ‘Immunity building’ in every way possible should be encouraged among all sections of populations. For various reasons, fatalities were lesser in India.

Chandrababu Zoom Conference with Doctors

Different states were reacting differently to the disease in the country. Immunity boosting foods were needed and awareness should be created on this aspect. Only the uncautious persons not taking these precautions would be in greater danger of infections.

Stating that a new fear pandemic was posing a greater threat now, Mr. Naidu said the patients must be educated on the important role of courage and confidence in successfully recovering from the infection. There were many instances where even the unhealthy and weak patients came out of danger boldly. Even a healthy person may succumb if there was panic or fear psychosis. The families and the surrounding society should give all necessary support to the patients to defeat the invisible enemy. Doctors should constantly provide online medical guidance to the people.

The TDP chief expressed concern over the panic reactions from some sections to the patients and their families which reflected how Covid was fast spreading a social stigma. The doctors, social workers, political and educated sections have a greater role than ever before to reassure the general public. Such situations were being created when an auxiliary nursing maid was boycotted in a habitation when her husband tested Covid positive.