Weight Loss Problem – Broken Metabolism?

Boost your Metabolism

90% of human’s today facing obesity and it has become a challenge to lose the weight. The main factor of weight loss depends on metabolism.

How to fix the metabolism? First we need to understand the fact of broken or low metabolism.

Dieting: Dieting slows metabolism. If you diet for many years, then metabolism will be very slow. No dieting then metabolism will be faster when compared.

Dieting also increases hunger and cravings. It will be hard to lose even a pound of weight. Exercise increases hunger mainly in many people. Age slows down metabolism.

How to correct the set point of metabolism?

Pancreas: Pancreas has million islands of cells. They have different cells like Alpha, Beta and Delta.

Beta cells – 60% of cells are beta and the rest are other cells. The beta cells make insulin. Insulin is most known to regulate sugars. It lowers the sugar in blood but insulin also has other functions too. Insulin effects fat metabolism and protein metabolism. It converts sugar into cholesterol. It converts sugar into triglycerides. It increases tension on the arteries which increase blood pressure. It retains sodium. It actually makes you fat and blocks fat burning.

Insulin triggers by a high carbohydrates meal. High carbohydrates increases sugar and body will store sugar as glycogen and anything excess will become fat. Because of Insulin fatty liver problem occurs. Insulin will also destroy protein and convert them to sugar.

High Insulin over time causes Insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes fatty liver, Brian fog, High fasting insulin, Belly fat, Bloating, Sleepy after meal, High Blood pressure, Cravings & Hunger, Dark pigment on folds and hunger between meals.

Insulin resistance destroys the set point as it increases fat, prevents in burning fat and controls the set point.

What causes insulin resistance: – Sugar, Protein, Gastro intestinal hormones and estrogen.

Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, heavy cream, pecans, avocados etc. have less insulin index compared to whole wheat bread, brown rice and all carbohydrate rich foods.

When we eat the digestive hormones spike insulin. So if we eat breakfast, Lunch and Dinner insulin will be high and if we snack in between even with the healthy food the insulin spikes up and we can never correct the insulin resistance. To correct insulin resistance, we have to eat only 2 or 3 meals a day. The more of intermittent fasting fast the insulin resistance will be corrected. Eat big lunch and then – only dinner or eat big breakfast and lunch skip dinner or eat breakfast and dinner skip lunch. Eat less times but don’t eat less food. Eat low carbohydrates high fat and moderate protein.

Several things to lower insulin – Consume Apple cider vinegar, Fermented foods, High potassium (Eat lot of vegetables), Vitamin B1, Fiber, Fat (Coconut oil, Butter, Ghee, Olive oil), Decrease body stress plus estrogen, sleep more at least 8 hours a day. All these will help to fix broken metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity.