Vijay Sai Death: Video reveals the reason behind his suicide

Vijay Sai

Telugu comedian Vijay Sai’s video, which he is said to have recorded before committing suicide, has revealed the facts that led him to take this drastic step.

The police, who are investigating the case of Vijay Sai’s suicide, reportedly found the video on his cellphone. This video was said to have been recorded by him before he killed himself in the early hours of Monday. He is said to be seen saying in the video that he was committing suicide as he was harassed by an advocate named Shashidhar and few others. He was staying alone from few years near Yousufguda as he was separated from his wife in 2015. The financial and family problems pushed him to depression and forced him to take a drastic step, some speculated. However, his friends has told that he never had any financial issues in his life.

The video has given a new twist to this case. The news of Vijay Sai’s suicide came as rude shock for many in the film industry. Some of his close friends rushed to his residence on hearing the news. They also expressed sadness over his sudden demise. Few of his close friends are still in a shock. Rakesh, who is known for his performance on Telugu channel ETV’s Jabardasth, said: “Vijay Sai always seemed happy and chilled out. Whenever I spoke to him over phone, he used to say he was fine. He hardly spoke about any problem. He used to motivate me when I faced small problems.”

When asked whether he had discussed his financial or family problems, Rakesh said: “He did not have any financial problems. He was plagued by family problems related to his wife and others. He had problems, but they were of not big enough to force him to commit suicide.”