Karti Chidambaram to launch a New Party soon!

Karti Chidambaram

The latest news that we are getting is that Karti Chidambaram is all set to launch a political party in Tamil Nadu which will, quite naturally, be pitted against the BJP.

Crowds at Delhi’s Patiala House Court were Karti arrived for his bail plea hearing, shouted slogans in support of their ‘beloved leader’. Many of his supporters have come all the way from Tamil Nadu.

Karti told the crowd that he would soon launch a political party in Chennai after he was released by the CBI.

On March 1, the court had allowed custodial interrogation of Karti Chidambaram by the CBI for five days, saying there was need to unearth the larger conspiracy in the INX Media case and his presence would serve an important purpose. The CBI has now asked for the custody to be extended by another nine days.

Karti told the crowd, “We are forming government in New Delhi. You will see that these cases are being slapped to falsely implicate PC (P Chidambaram, his father), NC (Nalini Chidambaram, his mother) and KC (he, Karti Chidambaram).”

Karti said the Prime Minister wanted to unleash fascism and destroy Opposition and the Congress party. He said his father would guide him and stand by him, but not join the political outfit. Karti’s political ambition was clear the day TTV Dinakaran outraged against Narendra Modi. Karti was quick to extend his support to Dinakaran.

The week Karti has spent in CBI custody has left the Chidambarams angry and sources say their morale is low.