Karnataka Assembly War… BJP Blooms!

BJP Blooms in Karnataka Elections

Karnataka have rejected congress and elected BJP. BJP attains 21st state in the country in their process of “Modi”fying India.

Magic figure 113 has worked for BJP. On 12th May elections done for 222 constituencies, where in a party should attain 113 to rule and BJP crossed the limit.

Hung Prediction of Exit polls failed. Semi final of 2019 continues to favor MODI government.

BJP attains majority mark with 114 seats; congress is at 63 and JDS at 44.


“People of Karnataka want good governance” – Javadekar

“Congratulations to the winners of the Karnataka elections. For those who lost, fight back. If congress had gone into an alliance with the JD(S), the result would have been different. Very different” – West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee

“Karnataka Telugu voters given complete support to BJP. It is impossible to stop BJP’s victory in 2019 AP Elections” – Actor Krishnamraju