How cops nabbed India’s most wanted after a decade

Terrorist Nabbed in Delhi

New Delhi: Alleged terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi alias Tauqeer, an alleged co-founder of terrorist outfit Indian Mujahideen (IM), drove into a narrow lane in Ghazipur to escape chasing policemen on Saturday evening but found a dead end to his escape and also to the narrow road. With this, the police’s decade-long search for him also came to an end.

On the operation that led to Qureshi’s arrest and involved an exchange of 14 bullets between him and a Delhi Police special cell team, deputy commissioner of police (special cell) PS Kushwah said they had received a tipoff about a week before the encounter and had been preparing to nab him since then.

“On Saturday, we received a specific tip-off that he would be coming to meet a friend near Paper Market. We formed a team and placed them at different points in the area. Around 8.30pm, a car was seen heading towards the market and was signalled to stop by the policemen standing there,” said Kushwah.

Qureshi, however, did not stop and drove away and entered a lane. A police vehicle chased him into the lane which was closed from the other side. “Once he entered the lane, he found that his exit route was blocked. The police team told him to surrender but he came out of the car, took out a pistol and opened fire at the police team, which shot back at him. In all, 14 rounds were exchanged of which nearly four were fired by Qureshi before he ran out of bullets. No one was injured,” said Kushwah. There were about 25 policemen in the lane after the special cell team reached there. Finally, Qureshi was overpowered.

“On searching him, we found a few documents in the car and his pockets which were seized,” said Kushwah adding that the documents were being examined. The pistol was also seized and the car impounded. The car was found to be stolen from UP.