‘Hardik Patel’ requests Gujarat Deputy CM ‘Nitin Patel’ to join Congress

Nitin Patel unhappy with the departments

With Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel unhappy over the departments allotted to him, Patidar leader Hardik Patel urged him on Saturday to quit the Bharatiya Janata Party along with 10 party MLAs and join the Congress for a ‘deserving’ position.

Hardik Patel said a ‘veteran politician’ like Nitin Patel, was being ‘sidelined’ and ‘not being given respect’ by the BJP ‘despite working hard for 27 years’. Hardik Patel also said that if the deputy chief minister is ready to quit BJP, then he is ready to speak with the Congress High Command to give the latter the post he deserved.

Days after being sworn into office, Nitin Patel is yet to take charge of the portfolios allotted to him. From the sources in the BJP, it is reported that he had conveyed his displeasure to the party leadership over the departments allotted to him in the new cabinet.

Talking to reporters, Hardik Patel said, “As a veteran politician, Nitin bhai (Patel) worked hard for 27 years to ensure that the (BJP) party stays in power. The community members need to understand that such politicians are being sidelined. I am not giving any suggestion, but asking him to ponder as to why he is not being given respect despite working so hard. I would request Nitin bhai to join us and together we will fight against the arrogant people (of BJP). We are trying to ensure that Gujarat witnesses good governance.”

“If Nitin bhai makes up his mind and says he is ready to resign from the party and that 10 more MLAs are ready to tender their resignation, then we are ready to fully support him. To ensure good governance in Gujarat, we will talk to the Congress to include Nitin bhai and give him the post he deserves,” he said.

“I messaged him yesterday (Friday) saying I am with him and let me know if he needs me. If he says he wants to leave the BJP, then we are with you, and will stay with you in all situations,” he said.

In the previous government, Nitin Patel used to handle key portfolios like finance, urban development and few other. This time, he has been given the charge of departments like roads and building, and health. He has also been allotted medical education, Narmada, Kalpsar and capital project.