Five uninterrupted days of Petrol/Diesel hike

Modi Fuel Prices Hike

– Expected further more

Indian oil Corporation’s dynamic pricing system had been put on a 19-day hold ahead of the Karnataka elections. The system came back into force immediately after election consecutively fifth day increase as of today.

With global crude oil prices going up, transport fuel costs are expected to rise even more. Expecting petrol prices to be increased by Rs. 4/liter

So far in 2018, petroleum prices have seen hikes of Rs. 5.64/litre in Delhi, Rs. 5.67/litre in Kolkata, Rs. 5.58/litre in Mumbai, and Rs. 5.98/litre in Chennai and diesel prices in these cities have gone up by Rs. 7.44/litre, Rs. 7.33/litre, Rs. 8.15/litre, and Rs. 7.97/litre, respectively.

These Petrol and diesel prices in India are determined by global crude oil prices and rupee-dollar forex rate.