Can cancer be cured in the same way..?

Cancer be cured

Cancer… Death is supposed to be!

After chemotherapy and radiation treatments became available… for several years ensured the return of life. However, there are currently no drugs and treatments that can cure cancer completely. But researchers say the new method could prevent cancer. Generally, cell division is an ongoing process. It doesn’t happen in all parts. Some of the organs, such as the brain, heart, and kidneys have cells nearly as long as the number of cells that a person is born with. In the intestinal walls, once in every two to three weeks, new cells emerge and die. In their place, new ones emerge.

However, due to mutations in the genome, some cells continue to divide without dying. These are the cells that form cancer. These are not likely to be removed by surgery. So, with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, you can prevent the breakdown of the cells. It is not possible to completely eradicate. That is why 95-98 percent of cancer prevention drugs are squatting in phase-3 clinical trials. The problem is that almost all drugs target the bulk cancer cells. Researchers at the University of Manchester and Salford in the UK have identified cancer stem cells for the first time.

It has been finalized that cell fission is occurring due to these stem cells. Now new therapies are being targeted for these stem cells. As part of this, cancer stem cells have been experimentally removed from breast cancer patients. It has been found that these cells have 0.2% unique properties compared to normal cancer cells, producing more energy and growing faster. Already, a drug called ribociclib could be used to regulate the breakdown of cells. Researchers hope that in the future more and more of these methods will be developed to treat, as of how diabetes is treated.