Soldiers ought to die, says BJP MP

Nepal Singh controversy

– BJP MP Nepal Singh later issues apology

A day after the Pulwama encounter ended in which five CRPF personnel were killed and three injured, BJP MP Nepal Singh sparked controversy after he said that there is no country where armed personnel don’t get killed in a fight and that this is a daily affair.

“They die every day in the Army. Is there a country in which Army personnel don’t get killed in a fight?” he told ANI.

“Yeh toh roz marenge Army mein, koi aisa desh hai jahan army ka aadmi na marta ho jhagde mein? Gaon mein bhi jhagda hota hai to ek na ek to ghaayal hoga hi! Koi aisi device batao, jisse aadmi na mare? Aisi cheez batao ki goli kaam na kare, use karwa dein. (They will die every day in the Army. Is there any country whose soldiers do not die while fighting? Even in villages if there is a scuffle, at least one person will get hurt. Name a device from which people do not die? Tell one such thing which can stop the bullet),” the BJP MP had said.

The Rampur BJP MP, later issued a clarification and apologized saying that he did not intend to insult the jawans. Apologising for his remarks, he added, “I was saying that the scientists are trying to discover any device that can help safeguard the lives of the soldiers.”

The 77-year-old BJP MP comments come a day after Home Minister Rajnath Singh condemned the attack on the forces in Pulwama, and added that the sacrifice of the soldiers “won’t go in vain.”